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USSR Soviet Russian WW2 Medal DEFENSE of KIEV
Soviet medals Defense of Kiev were established by Decrees of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviets on June21st, 1961. The medals was made out of brass These medals were awarded to all servicemen of the Soviet Army, Navy, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and citizens who took part in the defense of Kiev. The Defense of Kiev from 7 July 1941 until 26 September 1941 was the greatest defensive operation of the Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War. On July11th 1941, German troops advanced to the Irpen river, which is located 15-20 km. West of Kiev. The Irpen became the defensive line for over 2 1/2 months. 200,000 volunteers joined Soviet Army divisions in repelling attacks that included more than 40 enemy divisions including 10 tank divisions. Despite heroic resistance, Soviet troops withdrew on 20 September 1941, due to superior numbers of the enemy. under 100,000 medals were issued. You are welcome to visit our RUSSIAN ISLAND Store and Taste of Europe restaurant. We are located at 1901 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX. We have the biggest variety of Russian gifts and collectibles in all price ranges, which we cannot squeeze into the limited size of our website. Also you are welcome to see the menu and events at our Taste of Europe restaurant web site (www.TasteOfEuropeTX.com)