The first mention of samovar (Russian teapot) production in Russia can be found in documents dating from the mid-18th Century. A mere half a Century later the samovar (Russian teapot), glowing hot and polished to a sparkle, was an indispensable feature of every day life. The samovar (Russian teapot) was central to any gathering, like a hot domestic sun that Russian life revolved around. The heart of the samovar (Russian teapot) is the fire-tube in the form of the jug soldered into the body. Charcoal, thrown into the tube heats the water. Samovars (Russian teapot) varied in capacity, ranging from 3 to 30 liters. The largest, manufactured in Tula in 1922, had a capacity of 250 liters, took 40 minutes to boil and kept hot nearly two days. Production of samovars (Russian teapot) was first launched in central Russian City of Tula (South of Moscow). The best samovars (Russian teapot) were made by factory running by the Batashovs and Vorontsovs. Antique samovars have a trademark of the producer. At present time factories in Russia are producing new electric samovars (Russian teapot). Some of them are pieces of real art. Those types of new Russian samovars are hand painted by very good artists and absolutely beautiful. You can see in our site different types of Russian samovars: old and new. We are trying to bring the best possible examples of that art. Russians can not imagine samovar without glass holders. Russians are big tea lovers. They used to drink very hot tea from glasses. It was impossible to keep these glasses in hand because they were so hot. Russian people started to use glass holders to ?save? their hands. Glass holders can be from very simple and inexpensive made out of aluminum up to gold ones with gemstones used by the Tsar family. You are welcome to visit our RUSSIAN ISLAND Store and Taste of Europe restaurant . We are located at 1901 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX. We have the biggest variety of Russian gifts and collectibles in all price ranges which we can not ?squeeze? into the limited size of our site. We showed the examples of the major lines we carry. When you are interested in any particular item(s) please contact us. If we do not have this item we will use our connections in Russia to get it for you. Also, we have our artists in Russia who can personalize gifts for you, your family or corporation (for example: nested doll with pictures of your family). Also you are welcome to see the menu and events at our Taste of Europe restaurant web site (
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