We have a lot of interesting Soviet and Russian badges for Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, and KGB. Difference between badges and pins is that the badges were not being sold in stores. Each Soviet or Russian badge was given to Soviet or Russian officials or awarded for some particular action. We have short description of these badges but we will give you more information if you are interested in it. Also, we have very small portion of Soviet or Russian badges shown here compared to our collection. If you are interested in badges, which you can not find in our site, please contact us and we will E-Mail you pictures and information of pieces you are interested in. You are welcome to visit our RUSSIAN ISLAND Store and Taste of Europe restaurant . We are located at 1901 W. Pioneer Parkway, Arlington, TX. We have the biggest variety of Russian gifts and collectibles in all price ranges which we can not ?squeeze? into the limited size of our site. We showed the examples of the major lines we carry. When you are interested in any particular item(s) please contact us. If we do not have this item we will use our connections in Russia to get it for you. Also, we have our artists in Russia who can personalize gifts for you, your family or corporation (for example: nested doll with pictures of your family). Also you are welcome to see the menu and events at our Taste of Europe restaurant web site (www.TasteOfEuropeTX.com)
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