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This ring is hand made by old masters technology out of silver and it is gold filled in Soviet Union/USSR in early 1980th. It has official stamps of 875 silver proof with Soviet hammer and sickle inside the star and USSR Government quality control stamp (see pictures). Size is 9. This item was made in Severnaya Chern factory located in the Russian City of Veliky Ustyug. This factory with unique technology exits since XVII Century. The technological process of creating niello silver is as follows: on the surface of the silver the artist cuts out the design with a special cutter. Niello engraving is a manual, very careful time consuming filigree work, on which the quality and expressiveness of the future niello design depends. A special black alloy, which looks like a dark gray stone, is ground into powder, moistened and applied in an even layer on the surface with an engraved pattern and then fired. During firing, the black alloy is firmly fused with the silver, turning into a hard dark coating, which is then, in several steps, removed until a niello pattern appears on the silver. After the removal the black alloy remains only in the in-depth images. At the end, the surface of the product is smoothed with a special tool. You can enjoy this great jewelry piece for wearing or for collection.