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Russian Lacquer Box 222 - Date
School - Palekh, Artist - Serov
Size - 2.75x1.75x1.25h. At Russian Island we sell only original hand painted Lacquer boxes. It takes a lot of time and skill from highly experienced artists to create a fully hand painted box. We guarantee that our boxes are fully hand painted in Russia by professional artists. There are some on the internet that sell a lot of fake boxes with the prints glued on top of the box, some of them might even have a little touch up paint (painted by amateur “artists”) to top of the box. They will try and call these “hand painted” but they use those words to simply mislead buyers. This fake method does not take nearly the time and effort it does to truly hand paint a lacquer box with a single haired brush (we are talking days vs minutes). You can check the authenticity of the box by looking at the top under a strong magnifying glass. On the fake ones you will see the small dots from the print on the larger picture areas.